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About Uts

Thank you for signing up for an audition on Saturday, June 1, 2024.
**If you got to this page, but haven't filled out the audition form, please do that before continuing. Information on auditions can be found by clicking here. *Please do not forward this link. Everyone who is planning on auditioning will receive this link in advance to prepare*

Everyone will sing the SpongeBob Theme Song

If we ask to hear more after that, students may have one of the following songs ready. Click on the title for the sheet music.
We will only hear songs from the list below:

If you have any problems opening any of the files and/or have any questions about auditions, please contact CAST at 

What are we looking for in your audition?

Be Prepared! - You can find song clips on YouTube to help you learn the music. Please note - samples found may not be exact to the music. Be prepared to adjust to our music director playing the music.

The full Broadway production can be found on Paramount+.
Volume - Can we hear you when you are speaking and singing?
Annunciation/Diction - Can we understand you?
Enthusiasm/Energy/Personality - Are you acting the part or just reading/singing the words? For the singing portion - we are also listening for pitch, tonality, and accuracy.

If you are auditioning in person, we look forward to seeing you on June 1st at your selected time. (A reminder will go out before auditions to the email on the audition form).

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