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2023 Spring Non-Musical - Registration is now open!

If you are currently enrolled in "Aristocats KIDS" or "Peter Pan, Jr." OR participated in "Into the Woods, Jr." you do not need to fill out a new form unless any information has changed. Please contact the CAST office at or 860.649.5062 and we will send a payment link directly to you. 

Scholarships and Payment Plans are available. Contact us for more information!

If you have any questions, please contact the CAST office at or 860.649.5062.

CAST children’s theatre Standard of Conduct

We believe that theatre is fun and CAST strives to provide a welcoming place to explore all that theater has to offer. In order to maintain a safe, orderly and productive environment for all involved, we require that children follow the Standard of Conduct and display positive behavior in our programs.

Children are expected to arrive on time for classes, rehearsals, and performances, show respect to staff, volunteers, fellow participants, and property. This includes costumes, props and sets. Children should maintain attention and follow directions respectfully, without being disruptive or distracting.

Problematic behavior that affects classes, rehearsals or performances will be addressed immediately by staff. If the behavior continues, the staff reserves the right to remove the child(ren) from the program without refund.

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