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Murder Most Fowl 2023 marketing.png

Meet our cast:

Bonnie Bird: Rylie Macsata * Cap'n Curry: Cadi Joshi-Staples * Rich Graivee: Parker Burrows * Burgundy Divan: Abby King

Carla Capon: Lydia Whelton * Placido Paella: Scott Cowell * Claudine Cassoulet: Juju Beltran * Sophia Cacciatore: Gianna Koloski

Phillip Partridge: Oliver Hennessey * Quincy Quayle: Jake Cowell * Lori: Annabel Gilmore * Mike: Teddy Prager-McCandless

Allen: Levi Nechitilo * Steve: Ben Robinson * Prunella Partridge: Aviv Shemer * Beulah Brooder: Maisey LeMay

Dr. Felix Feathers: Finn Gilmore * Wanda/Myrna: Abby Peterson * Chester/Elliot: Lucas Martinez

If you have any questions, please contact the CAST office at or 860.649.5062

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