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Cindy Kennedy


Cindy Kennedy has been part of the CAST family for many year and has been the bookkeeper for close to 20 years. 

Cindy's passion for doing books began in high school. Upon graduating from Conard High School in West Hartford, she went on to college at CCSU while also working part-time for a local insurance agency. Upon earning her degree, she worked full-time for them for over 23 years working her way up to Accounting Manager. When the company sold to a national firm, Cindy switched over to work for a CPA firm but missed the insurance industry so returned to that field and has been there ever since.

Cindy loves to read. Her favorite genres are sci-fi, murder mystery and historical romance. She also enjoys baking and holds an apple pie baking day each year as well as baking cookies and other desserts - everything that isn't good for you. Cindy lives in East Hartford with her husband John and their cat Reilly. They have three grown sons.

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