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Steve Westerberg


Steve Westerberg has been involved with CAST for 8 seasons and counting and has been on the board for 3 years. He works for a general contractor during the day and initially got involved with CAST through set-building where he met other members of the CAST family including Board Members. Steve has been involved as a volunteer with several non-profits in the past and joining the CAST Board of Directors continues to be a joy and a privilege. As Board President, it is a pleasure to witness the care and attention the staff and volunteers give to each event, each opportunity, and each other.


Steve and his wife Emily live in Vernon with their two now teens, Lillian and Paul. Living in Vernon, his family represents the wider community CAST is able to reach with its dynamic programs. If you are not already a CAST family, I hope you will have the opportunity to join us through one of the many programs that are offered.

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