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Theresa Lewis


Theresa is honored to serve as a CAST board member. She is the mother of two children, and a proud CAST parent. Her involvement with CAST began years ago, when her son signed up for his first show as a first grader. Theresa immediately noticed how being involved in CAST transformed her son’s self-confidence, dramatically.  Her son has gone on to participate in over 12 productions and workshops.

Theresa is a Private Yoga and Journaling teacher, has worked as a substitute teacher for South Windsor Public Schools, and a paraprofessional for youth with special needs. She has a passion for sustaining youth programs that have such a positive impact on children and teens, as CAST has for both of her children. Other passions include: music and Performing Arts, creative writing, Yoga, journaling, and Herbalism. She admires the talent, inclusion, and joy that CAST Children’s Theater brings to the community.

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